Students at Oaklands Sixth Form are highly aspirational and each student is given the individual attention they need to succeed. Every measure is taken to ensure that students are challenged and fulfilled in their learning, enabling them to move onto the next phase of their education.

    There is a strong pastoral support team which complements and strengthens the excellent teaching to ensure that each student achieves the best they can.

    Oaklands prides itself on offering an inclusive curriculum. Students of all abilities thrive on the variety of pathways and courses we offer.

    Sixth form examination results are consistently above national averages in all government measures. In the last three years:

    •          Average grade per student A Level entry = C+
    •          Average three grade A Level performance = ABB
    •         37% A*-A grades
    •          62% A*-B grades
    •          Average grade per student BTEC entry = Distinction
    •          Average 3 grade BTEC performance = DDM (Distinction, Distinction, Merit)



    It takes more than excellent grades to gain entrance into the best universities and competitive apprenticeships. We know that students need support to build Higher Education skills as well as developing an intellectual literacy to complement their academic studies. Our experienced tutors deliver a creative and thought provoking weekly tutorial programme; which looks at current affairs, study skills, literary works, philosophical themes and debates which affect people’s lives. Alongside this we have a Cultural Enrichment Programme where students are regularly exposed to guest lectures, museum and theatre visits, trips to areas of cultural significance and residentials abroad. The Cultural Enrichment Programme is highly subsidised to ensure all students have access to it.

    Moving On

    We ensure that students are able to make informed university choices. Our experienced tutors are well versed in UCAS matters, provide excellent personal statement support and write excellent personalised references.

    All students have access to a Higher Education Advisor, as well as to a University Residential Trip to experience university life. Last year A level and BTEC students had a bespoke two night stay at Leeds University with sample lectures, time to explore the city and stay in student accommodation.

    Students that apply to competitive universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry courses, are given access to a specific programme in support of their application. This includes high quality test and interview preparation, as well as, visits to universities and mentoring programmes. We have a very good success rate with students that apply to these courses and Universities.  

    Courses Offered

    Level 1

    •          ASDAN with English and Maths

    Level 3

    •        BTEC – Health and Social Care (with English or Maths retake lessons if necessary)
    •          BTEC - Applied Science (with English or Maths retake lessons if necessary)
    •          BTEC - ICT (with English or Maths retake lessons if necessary)
    •          Some students can opt to study one A Level alongside their BTEC.

    Level 3 A Levels 

    •          Maths
    •         English Literature
    •         Biology
    •         Chemistry
    •        Physics
    •        Psychology
    •          Economics
    •        History
    •         Government and Politics
    •          Geography
    •        Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
    •          Spanish

    For further enquiries about making an application please email

    Or telephone: 0207 613 1014