Biology offers an in-depth understanding of the workings of living organisms and the life processes they carry out. At Key Stage 3, the Biology course is split across two years. In Year 7 students learn about the structure of cells, the function of key body systems and reproduction. At Key Stage 4, the course spans across years 9 to 11. The students follow the OCR Gateway Sciences A specification. Biology can progress into a wide range of careers from microbiologists, research scientists, teaching, dentistry, veterinary science, medicine, zoologists, marine biologists and conservation scientists.

    Chemistry explores the structure and the properties of matter. At Key Stage 3, there is a focus on developing content knowledge, scientific writing and numeracy skills. Key Stage 4, chemistry is studied from years 9 to 11. The exam board is OCR Gateway Science A. Topics studied include elements, compounds and mixtures and chemical reactions to global challenges. At Key Stage 5, chemistry is a two-year programme. Topics covered include organic and inorganic chemistry and instrumental methods of analysis. The subject can lead to professions such as medicine, dentistry, research, forensic analysis and policy advisors.

    Physics is a subject that develops problem solving and gives a deep understanding to how our world functions. In years 7 and 8 students study 50 minutes of Physics a week. The subject applies mathematics to solve problems relating to engineering, technology, energy, forces and motion. At Key Stage 4, Physics is studied from years 9 to 11. The exam board for GCSE is OCR. There is a focus on practical skills such as graph reading; application of numeracy and literacy skills; and comprehension of scientific writing. Physics leads to careers in engineering, research, finance, law, healthcare computing, technology, meteorology, energy production and game design.

    We are pleased to say that Science at Oaklands is:

    • Top 3% nationally in terms of Progress 8 (overall value added of 1.1)
    • Our High attainers are ranked in the top 0.16% nationally in terms of progress 8 (value added score of 1.4)
    • On average, students score one grade and half higher than other students of similar ability nationally.
    • All learner groups make more progress than similar ability students nationally
    • Every year 44% of our students are entered for triple science