Special Educational Needs is a dedicated department that assists students with a range of educational requirements. Support is offered through a range of interventions such as Catch Up Reading, 1:1 literacy sessions, reading groups and provision for behaviour, emotional and social difficulties. Numerous partnerships with outside specialists allow students to navigate school life with confidence and achieve their potential.

    Post-16, an employability qualification is offered to students with special educational needs to prepare for adulthood and the world of work. There is also an ASDAN Personal and Social Development qualification to help students develop social skills.

    Full support and programmes are offered to students with:

    • Mild, moderate and severe  learning difficulties
    • Speech and language difficulties
    • Students with Autism
    • Students with a Hearing of Visual Impairment
    • Students with a physical disability and/or mobility issues
    • Students with social, emotional and mental health issues
    • Students with a range of medical conditions.

    For more information the Local Offer and SEN policy are available to download.