If you are looking for an oustanding secondary school then Oaklands is an inclusive school which gives all pupils equal value and I would highly recommend you consider it. My three children were all extremely happy and successful in their own rights thanks to the fantastic teachers and support staff. Oaklands value each child as an individual and strive to give them the best education they can. All my children had very different needs from special education needs to the school accommodating high level sports training. Oaklands are 100 per cent committed to making each child the very best they can be.

    Julie Christie & Jode William

    Parents of Noah Williams

    Here is what parents had to say during our Open Week 2018.....

    • 'Teachers are so supportive and kind'
    • 'Oaklands is a happy school'
    • 'There's a wide variety of after-school clubs and extra-curricular activities'
    • 'The school has a community feel'
    • 'There's a wide variety of subjects to choose from'
    • 'The Headteacher is very driven'
    • 'Teachers are very friendly and welcoming'
    • 'Really impressive facilities around the school - Art, Drama, Food Tech, Library, and ICT'
    • ' Outstanding exam results, I know my child will achieve at Oaklands'
    • 'The sports facilities are amazing'