At Oaklands we aim to inspire a love of mathematics and problem solving in every student. At Key Stage 3, students form a conceptual understanding of the basics of mathematics through the exploration of multiple representations, using physical manipulatives and pictorial methods and problem solving. Students learning is enriched through extra-curricular activities such as projects with The Bank of England, Young Engineers and nationwide mathematics competitions.

    At Key Stage 4, the Edexcel Linear GCSE examination system is used. This consists of three papers: one non-calculator and two calculator exams, covering number algebra, ratio proportion and rates of change, geometry and measures, probability and statistics. Students are well supported with their learning, extra sessions are offered and all staff have an open door policy; students are welcome to ask for help at any time. In 2017 we ran two residential trips for students in year 11 to help students further improve their grades. Additional maths is offered as an option choice in year 10 and 11.

    At Key Stage 5 we offer Edexcel Linear A-Level. Students have 6 periods of maths lessons a week and are expected to attend weekly study support sessions after school.  


    Maths Residential

    This year, Year 11 students were hard at work during their Maths Residential at Kent University.