The world we live in is constantly changing.  Students at school today are more connected to other people and places in the world than at any time in history.  The Geography Department aims to help students make sense of the complex, dynamic world and the challenges their generation will be faced with: climate change, population growth and international development to name but a few. In addition we will help you gain and build on key skills including, independent learning, persuasive and informative communication, and problem-solving.  Students will also develop skills in numeracy and cartography.

    Years 7 to 8 Curriculum Overview

    At Key Stage 3, students study a range of topics from climate, geographical timescales, hydrology, eco-systems and more. These topics embed analytical and geographical skills that prepare students for GCSE Geography. The subject offers students the chance to combine mathematical and scientific knowledge on a practical level, while developing literacy skills.  



    Years 10 to 11 Curriculum Overview

    Key Stage 4 Geography is a three-year course from Years 9 to 11. The department uses the Eduqas Syllabus B. The course is assessed in three units and a final written exam. One exam paper is based on investigating geographical issues. A second paper is based on problem solving. The final paper consists of field related study.


    • Component 1: Investigating Geographical Issues

    Written Examination: 1 hour 45 minutes
    40% of qualification

    Three structured data response questions. The final part of each question will require an extended response.
    Question 1 will assess aspects of Theme 1, Changing Places - Changing Economies.
    Question 2 will assess aspects of Theme 2, Changing Environments.
    Question 3 will assess aspects of Theme 3, Environmental Challenges.

    • Component 2: Problem Solving Geography

    Written Examination: 1 hour 30 minutes
    30% of qualification
    This component will assess content from across the themes using a variety of structured data response questions.
    Part A will introduce an issue and set the geographical context.
    Part B will outline a number of possible solutions to the issue.
    Part C will provide an opportunity for the candidates to choose a solution and justify their choice in an extended response.

    • Component 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry

    Written Examination: 1 hour 30 minutes
    30% of qualification
    A written examination in three parts using a variety of structured data response questions some of which will require extended responses.
    Part A will assess approaches to fieldwork methodology, representation and analysis.
    Part B will assess how fieldwork enquiry may be used to investigate geography's conceptual frameworks.
    Part C will assess the application of broad geographical concepts to a wider UK context and assess the ability to make and justify a decision.